Jigsaw Money - Make Money Tapping App revisa

Hard tapping life


A 14 year old

This is such an awesome game my parents never have enough money for me to get an allowance so now I can. Actually buy stuff when I am done clicking this 1,000,000 times thank you for creating this app


Nice app

It's cool

It's cool

Time Consuming

You know when to do it

Really amazing

Love it




I really wanted an iTunes gift card, so I tried out this app. It took me forever, and I finished. But no gift card. When I was supposed to redeem my giftcard, I was closed out of the app and it went back to 0 taps! I wasted so much time of my life on this crap! The ads were soooooo annoying. The ad videos wouldn't give me any taps! I hate hate hate this scam! A YouTuber said it worked but they lied. I'm so mad!

Fun game

Why not got nun better to do :(






Doing this cuz i want coins but seems good so far ....


Cool app

Great app

Great app . I got money in no time ☺️

Testing it

Still checking if it not fake



Rate for taps

Idk if it's legit yet.

Great App

Amazing app!!!


Great game

Love it

Very time consuming. But it's good

Good app

Great so far!




U like that

A request

A friend recommended this app to me and if they told me it’s legit then I think it will be legit.

Still tapping hope it pays

I hope this is not like some apps I've tried and they don't pay out



Scam!!!! Do not waste your time!!!

I just saw the 5 stars and didn't bother reading the reviews thinking this was a legit app. Most of the reviews are from people who never even got a gift card and did it for the extra taps. After 4 months of tapping I received nothing! Forget the email address they provide, you won't get a response! Deleting terrible app!!


It's alright

Does it support PayPal

I have PayPal and I would like to know if I can deposit my money there


I dont like the ads every few taps


If u bored play this with adblocker


Did this for the 2000 taps but good app!!!!!!!!


OkY just need time to tap


Get it

Love it

Very good way to keep busy

Cool app

I love this app it is addicting plus you could win gift cards one you have a million taps

Great app

Amazing and super easy


It seems to b okay

Great app!

The only most legitimate easiest way to earn free money.

They told me to put 5 stars I don't like that

I dunno

Legitimate way to earn some cash

I was addicted to the game cookie clickers.. but now I can tap and make cash!


Best app for money


It keeps taking my points. Every time I leave the game I come back with zero points. Don't understand. Is that how it suppose to do?

Great app

Great app


A lot of taps

Best app !

Honestly haven't reached the end.. it's easy you can do it in one day. My only problem is idk if I'll actually get a gift card at the end of this or not.


gud gud


It gives me something to do when I'm bored I get to look at amazing apps for more taps so I can get a reward!

Great app

Great way to earn extra cash

Read me

Idk if this really gives you money but it tells u to rate it for coins

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