Jigsaw Money - Make Money Tapping App Reviews

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Seems like a good app

Just started this one and am halfway done another one. I hope it produces what it says and I'm hopeful

Awesome and legit

I love love love this app


Really good

Mama knott

I like it so far. Seems like an easy $20!


This is an awesome game! Not a scam and it's fast and easy. Also the ads help you learn about fun new games.

I don't know

I don't what's going on in this app apparently you get money? I hope I do lol I can't tap much more


This is a good game to when ur board



It's good

It is a good app and think it's a smart idea


Great game


Pretty fun way to earn $20 so why not... :)


It took me months to get to that million.. what happened? The game completely reset. I've emailed and gotten no response. Don't waste your time with this one

I absolutely love

Helps relieve stress and anger


This is amazing app


This is a legit app


It's pretty cool I don't know if it's a scam yet





EZ money

Not a bad app! It takes awhile but you get rewarded at the end.

Great Game

The game is a great time waster !

Great app

This app earned me all kinds of money it's my favorite Monet app all u have to do is tap your screen to earn money that's the easiest way to earn money I love this app

Don't waste your time

Biggest rip off ever. Once I reached my taps, email screen popped up but it wouldn't let me email. Instead the taps went back to 999999. Tried emailing at the address but no response.


I love this app, a lot of tapping but I really want the gift card.


It is fun and easy to play

I hope it works

I hope it works

Cool I guess

This app seems like a more legit way to earn money than other apps of the sort I've seen, there's no delay on the taps, and the ads are non-intrusive. I am worried by the complaints of not receiving any money at the end, but staying optimistic as this app seems to be built well. If it lets me down I'll likely right another review.

Love this game

I mean come on only a million clicks for 20 bucks kinda awesome

because they told me to for 2,000 taps

doing this for the 2,000 taps

Cool cool

Lots of tapping

It's making you tap a lot

You have to tap and tap and tap forever and ever and ever


Required to leave a 5 star review to get 2,000 free taps. Have fun y'all 👌🏻

Did this for 2,000 taps. It's okay, I guess.

To get a $20 gift card you have to tap the screen 999,999 times. Annoying, but I guess it's free money so...


I'm a nervous person so to sit and tap on my screen and make money is just amazing!!!



Very time consuming

Fun if your bored and have nothing to do

Only for taps



It's pretty cool.


Love it



Awesome app!!!

Seems to be legit. The App Store does it again!

Takes time

Only doing it for the taps

Great app

Easy money

easy to use


Free money

Great way to earn free money


Just here for taps

Jigsaw Money Taps

Only because it told me so I could get 2000 taps

Easy money

Easy money the easiest I could find

Amazing App

This app is a SUPER easy way to make some money!




Love this app

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